Our Story

Milfred Hauser, the German designer cum co-creator behind our newly launched series of 5 Symbolism  watches was first exposed to the 5 element theory while attending the Architecture and ‘Feng Shui’ (Geomancy) conventions in London and Singapore.  He was so intrigued by the profound and extensive meaning of the 5 element theory especially the fact that the theory had been widely used by major architecture and interior designing firms to incorporate into the design of their building structure to enhance the flow of positive energy and develop a balance of ‘YIN’ & ‘YANG’ (balance of life). 

The 5 element theory may be sophisticated but there is also a simplify and symbolic meaning with the various color representations behind each element which was what truly inspired Milfred to extract its essence and use it on creating the minimalist (simplicity) yet stylish design of our unisex (symbolises a balance of ‘YIN' & ‘YANG') watches.

Simplified explanation table with symbolism in English and German translation.