The World is so big......


The World is just too big....

There are many things in this world that we do not know of or have not even heard of but that does not mean that it doesn't exist. One good example is The Five Element Theory in Feng Shui which many believe that it is a form of superstition. This may seemed so especially it is not backed by any scientific findings however If you ever attended any of the major Architecture Design & Building exhibitions in the world or simply a search with Mr Google, you can easily find that The Five Element Theory in Feng Shui is widely used by some major Hotels & Casinos and Fortune 500 in the world. Just to name a few,

- Intel Corp
- Nike
- Sands Macau
- Crown, Melbourne & Macau
- Marina Bay Sands, Singapore,
- Trump International Hotel, NY
- Wynn's in both Nevada & Macau
- Bank of China iconic building in
Hong Kong
- Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

From the colour, external/internal structural design, direction of their main entrance facing, number of rooms to the date/time of their official launched, they are known to have incorporated The Five Element Theory.

Trump was quoted saying "I don't have to believe in Feng Shui, I just know it makes money"

One would think that if these major corporations and billionaires are spending tons of money to incorporate The Five Element Theory of Feng Shui into designing and contructing their multi billion buildings to enhance the success of their business empire, then it should be much more than just a superstition. After all the world is just too big.....


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