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Milfred Hauser, German designer & co-creator of our newly launched series was first exposed to the Five Element Theory while attending Architecture and ‘Feng Shui’ (Geomancy) conventions in London and Singapore. He was extremely intrigued by the profound and extensive significance underlying this theory.

Each element is represented by a colour and symbolises a universal value. This theory is widely applied by major architecture and interior designing firms, designing structures to best enhance the flow of positive energy and develop a balance of yin & yang (Chinese for 'balance of life'). 

Likewise, this theory is the inspiration and foundation behind our unique series, serving to remind us of the various components of a holistic life.

Five Element Earth Element symbolizes Health minimalist watch

The Earth Element

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5 Element - Water Element symbolizes Career minimalist fashion collections

The Water Element

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FIVE ELEMENT Wood Element symbolizes Love minimalist watch

The Wood Element

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FIVE ELEMENT FIRE Element symbolizes SUCCESS minimalist watch

The Fire Element

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FIVE ELEMENT Metal Element symbolizes JOY minimalist watch

The Metal Element

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The Flow

With great HEALTH we can work hard and focus on our CAREER, ability to look after our FAMILY, LOVE ones and have SUCCESS & JOY in life.